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Thanks to the data we track on visits to Redfin. We don’t need to wait until Spring to find out which neighborhoods across the country will be hot in 2016.

Affordability has topped customers’ lists of concerns for the past year, they’ve completed their research and determined those pockets that are still affordable, but also offer the stores, coffee shops and short rides to downtown that make communities livable. Ericsson in Minneapolis and various other hot ‘hoods in the united states. Sell my house .

“For the first time, ” said Nela Richardson, “After the median sale price surpassed a million dollars in March and inventory dropped to historic lows, San Franciscans have been feeling uninspired by local housing prospects. In fact, one in four Bay Area users of are now searching for homes in other metropolitan areas. San Diego and Los Angeles, also failed to make the top ranks this year.”

Another trend that has emerged in this year’s hottest neighborhoods is definitely that buyers are looking for homes and neighborhoods with character. Redfin agents report that many customers are bypassing “cookie cutter” homes in neighborhoods that didn’t make our ranks for the charming unique architecture and tree-lined streets that give neighborhoods like Ukrainian Village in Chicago and Mount Pleasurable in Washington, D.C their unique personalities.

What Makes a Neighborhood Hot?

Redfin’s Hottest Neighborhoods is definitely a prediction based on the most recent growth we’ve seen in page views and favorites on We checked in with Redfin agents around the country to discover what’s been driving these developments. Hot neighborhood alums such as Phinney Ridge (2014) in Seattle, Bernal Heights (2014) in San Francisco and Highland Park (2013) in Los Angeles have since become one of the most appealing areas to live in the country. Real Estate Agent Chicago